Firm shows off functional Android build on ancient HTC hardware

California-based a la Mobile has crafted a somewhat complete set of phone apps in prototype form -- you know, the most basic kinds of things you'd need on a smartphone to make it usable -- on top of Android, claiming it's the first group to show off a fully functional prototype. The firm installed its goodies on a Qtek 9090, a rather ancient, janky HTC device from days gone by, proving that a wide swath of devices already in the marketplace will be ripe targets for Android transplants once solid, fully functional code is widely available. Though no one in the 34 member strong Open Handset Alliance has publicly committed to a particular Android software stack -- let alone a particular hardware design -- a la Mobile says that it's making a play among OHA member manufacturers to take a good, hard look at its wares as they navigate the process. The head of the LiMo Foundation, a sorta-competitor to the Open Handset Alliance, naturally downplayed a la Mobile's efforts, calling Android "just like a big lab experiment" -- though he did manage to call the prototype "interesting." How about we keep the verbal volleys to a minimum and get some friggin' Linux in the mainstream, ladies and gentlemen?