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Here we go again: CES and Macworld to overlap in 2009

Here we go again: CES and Macworld to overlap in 2009
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|January 13, 2008 9:11 AM

Oh dear lord, we aren't even through this year's CES / Macworld one-two punch and we just happened upon some distressing news for the 200,000+ tech trade show-goers and media that attend both: they're overlapping in 2009. AGAIN. Granted, things appear to be a little different this time around -- Steve and the Cupertino crew will be firing the first shots on Tuesday, January 6th, with Macworld continuing through Friday the 9th, while CES opens up on Thursday, the 8th, and wraps up Sunday, the 11th. But didn't Jobs and Shapiro say this thing would never happen again? Actually, come to think of it, no -- they merely "agreed it would be nice if they didn't overlap." Yeah, it would really would be nice, guys, you should try making it happen more than once every couple of years.
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