DroboShare makes your Drobo NAS -- for a price

The number one complaint about the Drobo is pretty obvious: getting the damn thing on your network without using a host computer. Well, consider that complaint sorted. Today Data Robotics is releasing a NAS upgrade for Drobo called the DroboShare, which will support:

  • Gigabit Ethernet (yes!), static or dynamic IPs

  • Auto-mounting SMB shares via Drobo Dashboard (supports SMB authentication)

  • Dual USB 2.0 ports for two Drobos per DroboShare

  • EXT3 file system support (officially!)

  • Capacities up to 16TB per Drobo (provided you feed it 4TB drives that won't be out until, say, 2010)

  • And possibly our favorite: email alerts, should a drive happen to crash, for example

It's also worth noting that Drobo is still capable of switching between NAS and direct-attached modes if you decide you want to take your Drobo OFF the network (but why would you do a thing like that?). The biggest problem with this add-on? It's $200, which brings the total cost of a DroboShare NAS rig to $700 -- without drives. Still, we have a feeling for many a Drobo user -- ourselves included -- the value of the functionality will far outweigh the borderline unreasonable price tag.