Joy of joys: Sony's TransferJet to be squarely pitted against industry standards of W-USB, Bluetooth 3.0?

It doesn't take a whole lot of empirical observation to figure out that Sony just loves to go proprietary, even in the face of wide industry acceptance of an alternative standard. While the company has recently flexed on things like audio codecs, other stalwarts include Sony's Memory Stick, and naturally Blu-ray isn't going anywhere. This time Sony is charging after W-USB and Bluetooth 3.0 with its recently-announced TransferJet technology. There are certainly some differences between the technologies, and advantages on both sides. W-USB and Bluetooth 3.0 are based on WiMedia wireless tech, and have theoretical speeds of 480Mbps, with a range of about three meters. Compare that to TransferJet, which has a range of three centimeters, but a theoretical max 560Mbps. The reason behind the close proximity is the induction field coupler tech used -- which may or may not mean Sony's tech can charge the device as well -- but Sony's also playing it as a usability thing: unless devices are specifically registered and told not to, they'll automatically swap files when placed next to each other, requiring no further user complications. We're going to need more info out of Sony and other manufacturers to see how exactly this new tech will play out in the industry at large, but at the moment it looks like another proprietary standard that'll confuse consumers and segment the market -- let's hope Sony proves us wrong.

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