Sony trots out "portable" Bravia B4000 series LCD TVs

While we doubt many will be lugging one of these around on their next business trip or outdoor adventure, Sony's new line of Bravia B4000 LCD TVs does at least look to be portable enough to tote from room to room, a task made slightly easier by Sony's thoughtful inclusion of a built-in handgrip. That somewhat distinct feature is apparently included on all of the models in the line (including 20, 23, and 26-inch varieties), each of which include virtual surround sound, Sony's trademark "BRAVIA Engine," dual HDMI ports, and integrated Freeview digital TV tuners. That last tidbit, of course, also means the sets are Europe-only for the time being, although that situation would seem to be only a slight hardware tweak away from being changed. No word on a price or release date just yet, but you will apparently be able to get each one in your choice of white or mocha colors.