Angstrom Power touts hydrogen fuel cells for cellphones

There's certainly no shortage of companies out there trying to provide unconventional means of keeping your cellphone powered, and it looks like you can now add yet another ever-recurring bit of tech to the list, with Angstrom Power now touting its hydrogen fuel cells for cellphones. While they're obviously still quite a ways from landing in your handset, Angstrom does seem to be a good deal further than the concept stage, with them having already managed to cram some of the cells into a MOTOSLVR L7. That transplant, Angstrom says, gives the phone twice the juice of a standard battery and lets it recharge in just ten minutes. Just don't look for those anytime before 2010, which is when Angstrom "hopes" the first commercial phones equipped with the fuel cells will be available.

[Via Physorg]