Intel releasing 15 Montevina CPUs in May?

While rumors swirl of an impendingPenryn delay, DigiTimes is reporting on a spate of new 45-nm Penryn processors set to launch in May. The new procs support Intel's 5th generation Centrino platform with optional WiMAX integration dubbed Montevina. Right, the 40% smaller successor to Santa Rosa. That lines up with earlier rumors mumbled back in August. Of the 15 new processors, 7 CPUs are destined for laptops while 8 of the procs feature a smaller 22-mm package size for subnotebooks and ultra-portables. Sorry, not MIDs, those are waiting for Intel's Menlow-platform based on the 45-nm Silverthorne CPU. Got it? Good. Now feel free to click-through for all the rumored techno-gore you can stomach this early in the morning.

35-mm package size with 1,066MHz FSB:

  • Core 2 Extreme QX9300 with 12MB L2 cache and TDP of 45W (unknown clock)

  • Core 2 Extreme X9100 (3.06GHz, 6MB L2 cache and TDP of 44W)

  • Core 2 Duo T9600 (2.8GHz, 6MB and 35W)

  • T9400 (2.53GHz, 6MB and 35W)

  • P9500 (2.53GHz, 6MB and 25W)

  • P8600 (2.4GHz, 3MB and 25W)

  • P8400 (2.26GHz, 3MB and 25W)

22-mm package size:

  • SP9400 (2.4GHz, 6MB, 25W, 1,066MHz FSB)

  • SP9300 (2.26GHz, 6MB, 25W, 1,066MHz FSB)

  • SL9400 (1.86GHz, 6MB, 17W, 1,066MHz FSB)

  • SL9300 (1.6GHz, 6MB, 17W, 1,066MHz FSB)

  • SU9400 (1.4GHz, 3MB, 10W, 800MHz FSB)

  • SU9300 (1.2GHz, 3MB, 10W, 800MHz FSB)

  • U3300 (1.2GHz, 3MB, 5.5W, 800MHz FSB)

  • Celeron 723 (1.2GHz, 1MB, 10W, 800MHz FSB)