LineBlog: News from Moscone

I have a live feed to Mike Rose and Nik Fletcher this morning and they report that the weather is very cold out there this morning. They've been waiting on line with many other patient well-behaved Apple enthusiasts this morning. The Platinum Pass holders are already being let in, cheering as they're given the go-ahead.

10:12 - Nik reports that a few guys came by a while back with free coffee on a rolling cart--not Starbucks and on the sketchy side.

Mike reports that he's spotted Ryan Fass from Computer World, Galen Wood from MacNN, and Sergio from Brazil.

Nik has spotted Isaiah, one of the 3rd party RW plugin devs and an EVDO engineer (who is reassuring him that everyone will have enough bandwidth to liveblog.

10:20: So what are people looking forward to from the Keynote? Galen Wood (MacNN) says that the underdog vote has "everyone back home thinking new MacBook Pros at Macstation... MacBook Air would be cool to see." Other votes from people in line: "My personal wish is a Canadian iPhone", "Subnotebook, iPhone 1.1.3, apple tv merge with Mac mini", "Wimax maybe".

10:25: Positioning update. Nik is inside Moscone while Mike shivers with the general media queue outside.

10:30: Join us over at #tuaw on!

The Lineblog continues after the break!

11:19: 40 minutes until Steve takes the stage. Here's TUAW's Scott McNulty hanging out with John Gruber of Daring Fireball. Meeting of the Mac media minds!

11:27: Michael Johnston from says they will be doing live video (!) from inside the keynote. Hope the site holds up.

11:31 The media crowd is quite massive. Want to chat live with TUAW? Join us on IRC --
#tuaw on

11:31: Nik, inside, is told to "respect the escalators." So, no one there can apparently complain that they are too slow -- at least within earshot of the escalators themselves.

11:52: They're moving inside. Liveblog continues in the next post. We'll stay in IRC for all your chatting and wildin' out needs. Have fun with the keynote!