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Epson launches ultra-short throw EMP-400W / EMP-400We projectors

Before long, you won't be bragging about how many inches your projector can throw out. Oh no, you'll be boasting about how many LEGOs you can slide between the lens and the wall. Joining the quickly evolving short throw revolution is Epson's latest duo (each requires 2.1-feet to throw 60-inches), which both feature a native 1,280 x 800 resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio, automatic 4:3 / 16:10 / 16:9 detection and resizing, a ten-watt built-in speaker, VGA (x2), S-Video and composite inputs and an Ethernet port to boot. From what we can gather, the only differences in the EMP-400We are the additional security features (those pesky kids...), a longer warranty and a bundled wall mounting bracket. All in all, we'd opt for the £999 ($1,956) EMP-400W -- unless, of course, you've got a room / house full of mischievous youngsters, in which case we suppose it's worth a few extra hundred pounds to rest easy protect your investment.

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