Dell overtakes HP in US sales, HP plans elaborate retaliation

Dell must be doing something right, because according to recent sales figures, the PC maker has topped HP as the number one computer supplier in the States. The Texas-based computer-maker saw sales hit 5.35-million units in the fourth quarter of 2007 (a jump of 15.2-percent over the previous year), while HP came in second with a paltry and embarrassing 4.5-million units shipped. Interestingly, the third and fourth-place slots filled by Apple and Acer swapped hands, with Acer taking the lead due to its recent purchase of Gateway, resulting in a crazy 294.2-percent gain. The increase in numbers of the leader, however, seems to stem from Dell's shift out of direct sales to the sale of systems at retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart, though internationally HP still rules the roost, garnering a 19-percent market share worldwide. Of course, if they can overtake in America, Dell can certainly turn it around elsewhere. Watch your back, HP.