iPod touch users: if you bought after Jan 1 the new apps are free -- maybe

Not only did you have to pay the premium on your iPod touch because you didn't want or couldn't switch to the iPhone, but then you got shafted for being an early adoptor on the free software updates. After all, Apple TV got a huge, free feature update, the iPhone got a bunch of useful new stuff -- but not your touch, not without $20. Maybe that's because the new touch apps won't enable any new dollars to enter Apple's coffers (unlike the iTunes rentals on the Apple TV, or increased SMS / data usage on the iPhone), but from the sound of things there is some minor recourse -- and we do mean minor.

If you got your touch after January 1st, you should still be within the window of Apple's price protection, meaning Apple's standard policy for this stuff should allow you to update your touch apps and apply for a credit back on the $20 levy. The Apple mothership didn't yet confirm, but multiple customer service agents said those who bought online shouldn't have a problem getting their Jackson back, son (and those who bought in an Apple store should run on over to get a $20 refund). Let us know how it goes for you -- and don't say we didn't warn you, just in case you wind up being stuck with a $20 charge for apps you should never have had to pay for in the first place.

[Thanks, Steve]