VHS camcorder viewfinder hacked into night vision headset

Let's face it -- that VHS camcorder you're still holding on to would probably do you more good as a Salvation Army donation than anything else, but if you've got even a single DIY bone in your person, don't hand it over just yet. The same fellow that brought you the $40 spy glasses is at it once more, this time concocting a night vision "headset" with just a VHS camcorder viewfinder, a dozen ultra-bright LEDs, black / white mini camera and a few other nuts and bolts. After all was said and done, we're left with a device that enables you to easily see in darkness and record your journey. We know, you can't wait to tell your SO how right you were about hanging on to that clunker for one more year, so after you return, click on through for the instructional video and get to work, you hear?

NightVision Headset Hack! - video powered by Metacafe