Eee PC with 9-inch touchscreen in the works?

Details of future generation Eee PCs from ASUS have been trickling out even before the first generation shipped. Now that sewing circle of Taiwanese component makers have whispered a few secrets in the direction of DigiTimes. We already heard directly from ASUS at CES that 7-, 8-, and 8.9-inch models are in the works. Now DigiTimes claims a "9-inch" (we'll assume that's just the 8.9-incher rounded up) and new 10-inch version is also on the way. Notably, the 9-inch versions will feature "four-wire resistive" touch-panels. Great, right? Sure, at first blush what's not to like about an Eee with a touchscreen. However, a good chunk of the Eee's appeal is its low cost even though it never quite delivered on that early $200 promise. Adding bigger displays and now, a touch-screen, is just going to drive the price higher until there's no difference between an Eee and a Wal-mart Inspiron. Still, adding touch-panel functionality is expected to add just $15 to the manufacturing cost of the device. We only hope that ASUS can refrain from milking the Eee's success dry... RAZR anyone?

[Via jkkmobile]