How would you change Everex's $199 gPC?

Although it was (and still is, really) astoundingly easy to simply point the finger and laugh at Everex's completely unsightly, totally underwhelming TC2502 gPC just months ago, it appears that this thing may actually have a chance at gaining a wee (keyword: wee) amount of steam in the desktop market. Shortly after finding its way to Wal-Mart shelves, the box sold out -- a feat few surmised would actually take place. Furthermore, it seems to have sparked, or at least been the poster child of, a quiet revolution of ultra-cheap, open source-based machines, tagging along with the likes of Asus' Eee PC, Shuttle's KPC and the recently announced Linux PC from Mirus Innovations.

On the real, the rig was absolutely lambasted in a PC Mag review, but truthfully, we aren't exactly shocked given the hardware selection and (relatively) unfamiliar operating system. Then again, we've a sneaking suspicion the reviewers in this scenario weren't the target individuals Everex (and Wally World, to be frank) was gunning for. Stepping back, it's hard to miss the recent infatuation by the general public with machines touting rock bottom price tags and nary a hint of the world's most widely used OS, so in a sense, these guys and gals must be doing something right, be it marketing or otherwise. Still, we figure we'll need more than an abacus to count up just how many tweaks our dear readers would make to the gPC if given the chance -- maybe starting with the atrocious chassis and the dearth of wireless connectivity options -- so don't let us down, alright?