Samsung BD-UP5000 finally fixed?

If you hedged your format war bets by picking up a Samsung BD-UP5000, chances are you've been disappointed by two things since unboxing your switch-hitting disc spinner. First, the format war may be over. Second, the BD-UP5000 has been plagued by problems in the field. Samsung has been promising a firmware update to the unit to address the problems, and it looks like it's now here (right on schedule for the promised mid-January delivery, we might add). Since we don't have one of these units at Engadget HD HQ, we can't confirm the firmware actually makes good on all the promises made on the unit's "fact tag," so sound off below and let us know!

[Thanks, chris m!]

Update: Confirmed on our loaner unit -- some issues with BD-J and BD+, but no new multi-channel audio support. C'mon Samsung, deliver the promised goods!