Verizon getting in touch with its Touch?

A poster over on HowardForums has a series of convincing shots of a little something we'd like to call "Sprint's Worst Nightmare." Okay, that's going way too far, but if this Verizon-branded HTC Touch is legit, Sprint has to be just a little bummed that it's about to lose exclusivity on the fancy little Windows Mobile piece among the big four US carriers (though Alltel's on the ball already). If it's simply the same Sprint hardware we know and love repackaged in white, we can expect EV-DO, microSD expansion, Windows Mobile 6 Professional dressed up to be about as finger-friendly as it possibly can be, and a 2 megapixel camera. Thing is, the poster says that this one's "a little thinner" than Sprint's -- amazing if true, considering that it's already a svelte and manageable 0.6 inches -- so all bets on specs are off until we get some official confirmation. Word on the street is that we'll see it in March.