Bug Labs store open for business, BUGbundle unveiled for $549

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Paul Miller
January 21, 2008 12:26 PM
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Bug Labs store open for business, BUGbundle unveiled for $549

We knew today was the day, and now Bug Labs has opened its doors and cautiously invited shoppers inside. Cautious because Bug doesn't really want non-developers snapping up the kit right now, since the hardware itself is pretty much useless to the proletariat at this point without any mature software, and there isn't a bunch of it go around. To kick things off, Bug Labs is also announcing the BUGbundle, which packages a BUGbase (the WiFi-free Hiro P edition), GPS, LCD, accelerometer and 2 megapixel camera for $549. Orders are limited to one per customer at this time, and educational promotions will be coming in March.
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