Nikon D300 gets reviewed

We've already seen a rather thorough preview of a pre-production model, and gone hands-on with it ourselves, but those still undecided about Nikon's semi-pro D300 DSLR now have yet another bit of info to inform their potential purchase, this one coming in the form of a full review from the folks at Photography Blog. As with others that have gotten their hands on the camera, they found plenty to like about it, with them even going so far as to say that, unless you're a really demanding pro user, "the Nikon D300 could well be all the DSLR you'll ever need." Helping it earn that lofty praise is the camera's solid image quality (including minimal noise all the way up to up to ISO 1600) and high-end feature set, not to mention its "bargain" $1,800 price tag (at least compared to some of its competition). The only drawbacks they found was some ever so slightly sluggish performance, and the lack of a tilt and swivel LCD, among some other minor quibbles. That said, at least at this price point, it sure looks like this one's tough to beat.