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Apple posts $1.58B profit, buys monocle, top hat

Well, the holidays were pretty happy down Cupertino way this year -- Apple just posted its Q108 financials and they're impressive. Spurred by sales of 2.3 million iPhones, 22 million iPods, and 2.3 million Macs, Steve and the boys raked in $9.6 billion in total revenue, which translates to $1.58 billion in pure, glorious profit. That represents Apple's latest best quarter ever, with a 35 percent jump in revenue year-over-year -- a $2.5 billion increase from last December. The $1.76 profit per share also beat consensus analyst estimates of $1.63 a share, and, as Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster pointed out in his notes, Mac sales have increased 43 percent since last year. All in all, quite a quarter for a fruit company -- we'll let you know what else we find out during the conference call later today.