Sony NWZ-A82X-series Walkmans with A2DP hit the FCC

The three desperate Sony fanboys out there waiting for a new Walkman to badly render and incessantly spam our tip jar with just got a treat from the grey suits at the FCC: test reports for three new NWZ-A82X-series Walkmans with sketchy drawings of the backside product label. Apart from finding test results for a Bluetooth 2.0+EDR radio -- which points to A2DP support -- there's not much to go on here. Given the sizes in the diagram, we'd guess that these'll share the basic form factor of the NWZ-A81X units, but you never know how the NWW-A826, NWZ-A828, and NWZ-A829 will rock our world when they eventually hit -- or do you? We await your replies with anxious fervor.