'Gizmondo' site teases a 2008 rebirth

Gizmondo is back! Sort of, anyways. Or not. A teaser for the device's phoenix-like return has been posted online, boasting "the legend is reborn," "exciting psychic worlds" and "we will democratize gaming." Also mentioned is open source gaming ("create your own games") and Gizmondo Live Marketplace, which we're guessing for the moment means a portal for open source software. The Gizmondo originally debuted in 2005 and has a rather storied history of failure and scandal.

More "information" is available at ekonominyheterna, for those who can read Swedish (there are some pretty shoddy translations out there, too). We wonder if the recently-released former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson will be involved. If you liked the flash-based teaser, you can make your own here - it turns out the template only costs $66.

Update: In case the aforementioned template didn't make it explicitly clear, here's more on the Gizmondo's disappointing non-return.
Well, so much for the "rumor smash." The Gizmondo is coming back.

[Via Engadget]