Guildwatch: Unannounced visitors? Preparations must be made...

Let's face it-- anybody can down Attumen. A Karazhan PUG can drop Attumen in their sleep. But Moroes is the first real boss of Karazhan. If you can get him down, you're ready to roll all the way up to Curator. Finishing that undead steward off for the first time just feels so good.

News of Moroes downings and more in this week's GW, which starts right after the jump. Send us you drama, downed, and recruiting tips, as always, at Click the link below to read on!


  • Good news from The High Order on EU Sunstrider-- they were originally a family guild that only spoke Dutch, but because they didn't feel that they had the opportunity to raid enough, they "turned English" and started letting other players into the guild. And it worked-- they've made it all the way up through Opera in Karazhan.

  • More good news (looks like it's going to be one of those weeks) from Patronis, GM of Gnomish Tea Party, which we reported got bank-nabbed last week. He says the bank is back-- people have donated and sent in their own mats to replace what was lost. And as for Mattrick, the ninja, Patronis says they're better off without him.

  • Shenanigans between Moment of Silence and Deities and Demigods on Dalaran. Just in case the image sources go down, here they are.

  • Esoteric Anomaly of Cenarion Circle (who sounds familiar, so maybe they've appeared in GW before) had an interesting idea: static 5-mans. Five of their members formed up in a group and isn't accepting any outside help, as well as staying within a couple XP bars of each other. Basically, they're leveling not as characters, but as a group. The guild is forming other groups as well-- sounds like an interesting way to see the game, if you've got the group to pull it off with.

  • Plan B on Shattered Halls is still trying to make it as a guild, and thank goodness Malcin is there to drama them right out of existence. The fun starts on page 4. This guy is such a drama bomb he's meta by now-- people just mention his name, and the drama starts.

  • SASU is a guild coalition on Earthen Ring, we're told, that's running out-of-date forum software. One of their members tried to tell them this by supposedly reposting something from the closed-off officers' forum. But the higher ups didn't appreciate that, so they banned him completely. Oh, but it gets better-- he denies posting any secrets, and his guild is unhappy. So one of their officers decides to go ahead and break the door wide open by posting his officers' account, and showing everyone what's behind the curtain. They didn't like that either, apparently-- last we heard, his account had lost officer status.

  • Blades of Victory on Khaz'goroth-A has had a rough time lately-- their GL quit WoW, and left a few changes that the officers didn't quite vibe with. He came back to fix some, but it was too late-- most of the officers have quit for The Exiled.

  • Midnight Coven (Elune-H) and Brutality (same) downed Mag on their first night ever facing him. And the guildleaders of both guilds say Void Reaver is a lock for a down next week.

  • New realms aren't immune to drama, says one of our tipsters. The most successful Alliance guild on Caelestrasz, Slash Cry is no more. The reason? The GM, Zarken, without warning emptied the guild bank (around 2.5k worth of gold and items), /gdisbanded the guild then transferred off the server and changed his name. And this one gets better, too-- he shows up to try and explain himself in this forum thread.

  • There's a scam going around the servers that I think we've heard about before, but it bears repeating: don't let alts, even officer alts, have access to the bank. A couple of folks on EU Black Dragonflight had a guild ninja hit them by adding "bank" to the GM's name and claiming to be an alt. Bottom line: make an alt rank for the guild, and keep them out of the bank.

  • Drama in The Organization on Dunemaul. They downed the bear boss just a little while ago, but then a warlock and a warrior both quit after arguments with two officers. Then the two officers quit, and now at least two other players have joined the warlock and warrior in Disposable Heroes.


  • Evolution on Fenrir-A downed Tidewalker and Leotheras. Karathress is on notice (they want Vashj, too, but you only get one).

  • Southern Wardens, an Aussie guild on Proudmoore, downed Loot Reaver, and are recruiting a hunter, warlock, and feral tank.

  • Relentless on Scryers-A one shot Akilzon for a guild first kill. Grats!

  • The Noble Europeans on EU Agamaggan dropped both Kael'thas and Rage Winterchill despite both tanks taking a little dirt nap during the fights.

  • Sentinels on Blackhand ripped Azgarol a new one. And that capped off an unbelievable five boss kills in one raiding week (four days raiding).

  • Scorpion Pirates on EU Silvermoon is a small guild, and apparently that's what makes them so proud that they were able to down both Illhoof and Prince. They've got two Kara groups going already, but they're still recruiting.

  • Tyranny merged with Azeroth Mercenary Corp on Doomhammer, and proceeded to down Gruul and put Mag on notice. Healers still wanted.

  • Fugazi on EU Shattered Hand-H went back into Karazhan and finished all the way up to the Opera. On notice: Curator!

  • Casual Crusaders on Stonemaul-H is a casual guild, but that didn't stop them from telling Gruul what time it was. Grats!

  • Forbidden of Ner'Zhul dropped Lady Vashj for the first time. By the end, the entire raid was lagging due to green clouds and Vashj was finished by the tank's execute. Kael'Thas is on notice.

  • Røsetta Støned of Burning Legion-H had 3 guild first kills last week. Nightbane in Karazhan, Nalorakk in Zul'Aman, and High King Maulgar in Gruul's Lair. Nice job.

  • Reprisal on Draenor-A has dropped High Astromancer Solarian. That means four big bosses down for them since 1/6. Starting the new year off right!

  • Vigilante Justice of Spinebreaker declares themselves drama free (sounds like a challenge to me... I'm kidding!) downed Shade and Illhoof this week. Grats.

  • Pride of St. George on EU Nordrassil dropped the Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan. Too bad you all didn't down Netherspite or Nightbane-- wasn't St. George the guy who killed the dragon?

  • Execute of Black Dragonflight has downed Lurder and VR three weeks in a row. Tidewalker is on notice.

  • Pulse of Dentarg (which is actually of Bleeding Hollow-- they're a transfer guild) has dropped Vashj, Kael, and Rage all in a row. Grats, y'all.

  • Remember the Name on Stormscale-A cleared Kara in just under 4 hours. They're also recruiting-- hit up their website for info.

  • Jacc and Dragons Nest of Sha'tar downed Attumen and Moroes in Karazhan. Grats!

  • Protectors of Elune on EU Kilrogg-A downed both Al'ar and Void Reaver the other night. HAS is on notice!

  • Burning Dragoons of Nagrand-A have gotten past their appearance in our drama column, and downed Kara up to Netherspite. That's how it's done! Ignore the drama, down the boss.

  • The New Inquisition on Blackhand (nobody expects them) downed the Lurker Below. Morogrim, you're on notice, buddy. Better get that Last Will and Testament done quick.

  • iO on EU Twisting Nether answered our question from last week (at least someone did), and said yes, you can be casual and raid. They've just downed Kael after killing Vashj in December, and they only raid three nights a week. Of course, playing twelve hours a week might not sound casual, but when the average is 17, it is.

  • Flying Mongooses on Rexxar just downed the Eagle boss in ZA. They're also recruiting more for the rest of the endgame raiding extravaganza.

  • Satellite on Anvilmar dropped Lady Vashj like a hot potato.

  • Lemmings of the Light on EU Aszune dropped HKM on their first trip into Gruul's. Grats!

  • Unforgettable on Magtheridon-H dropped Kael, and headed for the green pastures of Mount Hyjal. They're also recruiting a holy priest and a resto shaman.

  • Adversary on Hyjal-A has made enemies (and corpses) out of Al'ar and Hydross. Rock on.

  • Addicted on Laughing Skull-H has been through a lot, but they persevered and survived to turn Lurker into fish sticks.

  • Muffin Makers on Maelstrom-H had a terrific evening, downing High Warlord Naj'entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, and Anetheron. Yowza, leave some for the rest of us, willya?

  • Repent on EU Maelstrom-A got Vashj down last Tuesday and got their first Al'ar kill right after. HAS was on notice, but got dropped right after that.

  • Flux on Medivh-A downed Gruul-- their first kill under new GL Enyo. Grats!

  • Limited Edition on Draka-A finished off Illidan for a server first. Awesome.

  • Nightfall on Thunderlord-H also finished off Illidan. Double awesome.

  • Two big kills the other night on EU Dentarg: Singularities finished Kael, and Kamuflasjefylla (did I spell that right?) killed Illidan for an Alliance first.

  • Finally, Ascent on Scarlet Crusade also killed Illidan. And they're recruiting hunters and warlocks, we hear.


  • ST Syndicate on EU Draenor-A is now recruiting classes for Zul'Aman and the 25 mans. They're looking for raiders, so please be one.

  • The Money on Rexxar-A is a casual startup guild looking for new members.

  • The Pub Standards on EU Anachronos is looking for mature, sociable members to level alts and have fun (raiding may happen someday, but that's not the point yet).

  • My Little Pwny on Skullcrusher-A has downed Mag twice, and is still seeking folks to raid with them.

  • The Onslaught of Daggerspine-A sounds like they're knocking on the door of SSC and the other 25 mans, but they're looking for a few more healers, tanks, and DPS. Look them up if you want in on the endgame.

  • Dreamscape on EU Dreanor-H is looking for a few good DPSers for Instance runs/Heroics/Kara. They are
    also a premier retro guild with many members being taken through the Onyxia key chain/attunement to BWL. Casual guild, all levels welcome, and adult age (or mentality) preferred.

  • Aftermath on Skywall-A is proud to say that Lurker bit the dust in front of them last week, and they also say that they're looking for more casual raiders to go further into SSC and TK.

  • CarnEvil on Dragonmaw is recruiting 70s age 18+ to raid with them.

  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A is looking for healers-- two holy pallies, two resto shammies, and a holy priest. They're 3/4 and 5/6 so be ready to take down Vashj.

  • Glory of War on Lightning's Blade-A is done with Kara, has Gruul on farm and is working through SSC. They're looking for a Prot Warrior, a Shadow Priest and others who know their classes and believe in the vision of "progression without pressure." No DKP, never mandatory attendance and raids end strictly at 11pm.

  • The Other Side on Coilfang-H is looking for tanks and healers for 5mans with the intention to eventually run Karazhan.

  • Lords of Hegemony on Daggerspine-A is looking for more to start up 25mans and the rest of the endgame content.

  • Untold Prophecy on Zul'jin-H is recruiting for Mount Hyjal and the Black Temple.

  • Cataclysm is working on Gruul and accepting applications from "decenty geared" level 70s.

  • Chaos and Mayhem (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Silvermoon is seeking raiders for Gruul, SSC, and TK. They specifically want hunters, mages, priests, and warlocks.

  • Boomstick Syndicate is a Horde guild on Khadgar looking for fresh recruits to add to their ranks. We are looking for mature players interested in PvE, PvP, and raiding, they say.

  • Reforged, a late night guild on Runetotem is seeking a holy paladin for BT/Hyjal. Be keyed and geared, please.

That's it for this week's GW! Obviously, the column ran a little late this evening (man, look at how many tips you all sent!), so I'll just say: until next week, happy raiding!