Show floor video: Intelliscan Mini does handheld media inventory

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Michael Rose
January 23rd, 2008
Show floor video: Intelliscan Mini does handheld media inventory
We are blessed on the Mac platform with many good ways to keep track of our stuff -- but Intelliscanner takes it to the next level, with a range of integrated scanner and software solutions that will have you tracking your movies, books, wine and comics with barcoded accuracy and ease. We visited the Inteliiscanner booth at Macworld for a demo of the Mini, a handheld scanner that can hold 150 item scans before downloading via USB to the host. The bundle retails for $299 but there's a show special through the end of January (and I'm contacting Intelliscan now to make sure it's still running & get the discount code for you) and unlike some other Macworld vendors, they really mean "show special" -- the offer ended Friday. Video after the jump (and pay no attention to the title card... editing mixup on my part).
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