Vision crosses the million-pictures-per-second with Phantom V12

Vision Research already has some pretty capable high-speed cameras under its belt, but the company looks to have outdone even itself with its latest model, which is apparently the first such camera to hit the one-million pictures-per-second mark. Of course, to grab that impressive burst of images you'll have to settle for a 256x8 resolution, although you'll still get a decent 6,315 pictures-per-second with the maximum 1280x800 resolution. Otherwise, you can expect 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of internal storage depending on the exact model (which includes both color and monochrome options), "unprecedented light sensitivity," and Vision's Extreme Dynamic Range feature, which'll let you capture two different exposures within one single frame. No word on a price, although some things are probably better left unsaid.

[Via Gadget Lab]