Gizmondo refuses to stay dead

After giggling off yesterday's Gizmondo teaser site for all its "the legend is reborn" and "exciting psychic worlds" posturing, we've now discovered that the spectacularly unsuccessful gadget will get to enjoy the last laugh. The menacing, synthesized cackling you hear originates from the halls of UK electronics design firm Plextek, which has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Gizmondo is indeed coming back.

Though "it will be a while" before the handheld system returns in some form, Plextek technical director Ian Murphy insists that "the product has been recovered from the liquidators and [Plextek is] bringing it back to market." Former Gizmondo exec and Ferrari killer Stefan Eriksson won't be along for the ride this time, but company founder Carl Freer is reportedly on board. He was recently quoted by a Swedish journalist as saying, "I'm going to resurrect Gizmondo." In the same interview, Freer saw the device's second coming happening as soon as May 2008.

Perhaps consumer applause will be a bit more rapturous this time.

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