The ThunderPack jetpack promises to make you a ThunderMan... for 37 seconds

We've seen quite a few jetpacks come and go, but Thunderbolt Aerosystem's has managed to set its ThunderPack apart with marketing materials that promise to make you a "ThunderMan"... for 37 seconds and $100,000. Creator Carmelo "Nino" Amarena says his pack is an update of the hydrogen peroxide-powered packs of the 1950s, but that it's been updated to use two fuels and special catalysts and promoters -- which have led to bench test firing times of up to a whopping 75 seconds. We're not sure how that's going to be useful in military, disaster relief, or border patrol efforts like Amarena imagines, but we can sort of see how it might make a corporate event more interesting. Still, we just can't see giving up our feet, bikes, or cars for this or any other jetpack -- check out why in the video after the break.