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Xbox goes profitable, almost like a grown-up business

Well, what do you know. After years of watching Microsoft chase billions of dollars into the bottomless pit that has been its Xbox Entertainment and Devices Division, the company is finally, as predicted, returning with some loot -- $524 million in income over the past six months, compared to $423 million in losses over the same period last year. Microsoft says the achievement was primarily due to 360 successes, even though Zune and PC sales are factored in there somewhere. Sounds like decreasing production costs, decreased marketing and a little thing called Halo 3 all worked together to help rake in the cash, and Microsoft has high hopes for the rest of fiscal '08, since they "expect revenue to increase due to increased sales of Xbox 360 consoles and related games, accessories, and services." Apparently Nintendo isn't the only manufacturer this generation that's figured out how to make some money... how's it looking on your end, Sony?

[Via Joystiq]