YouTube launches new and improved mobile site for cellphones

There's certainly no shortage of ways to get your YouTube fix on the go, but it looks like those options just got a whole lot bigger, as the company today launched a newly expanded mobile website that provides access to "most" of YouTube's catalog on any capable mobile device. That's quite the improvement over the version of the site that launched last year, which was also open to any device but only provided a select few hand-picked videos. What's more, the new site will also let users log into the site and personalize things a bit and, just as importantly, users will also now be able to upload videos straight to the site from their mobile device of choice. Of course, while the service itself may be free (and even without ads, for now), all that data floating about most definitely is not, and YouTube kindly provides a hard-to-miss warning about that before you're even allowed to enter the site. If that doesn't deter you, however, you can hit up and watch your productivity hit the floor.