Bluetooth-equipped prosthetic legs help double amputee walk again

As we've seen, there's plenty of different solutions out there for controlling prosthetic limbs, but the artificial legs now helping Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill walk certainly have to rank up there with the most inventive, and they don't even rely on brain control. Instead, the legs employ tried and true Bluetooth technology, which has previously been used to allow a single prothestic leg to mimic the individual's other leg but, in this case, is being use to allow one prosthetic leg to mimic the other. To control them, Bleill simply applies force with his thigh muscles to get things moving or slow them down, with built-in motors in the legs allowing him to walk longer without getting tired. As you can see in the video available courtesy of CNN at the read link below, that setup appears to work remarkably well, and Bleill hopes he'll soon get to the point where he needs just one cane before eventually ditching them altogether.