Graffiti artist creates real-time, 3D paintings

Regular graffiti not doing it for you? Looking for something a little more up-to-date than spraycans and brick walls? Perhaps you should direct your attention to the artist known as DAIM and his recent project creating real-time graffiti in 3D. By utilizing a multi-camera scheme, DAIM is able to smear virtual paint across an empty gallery space using special handheld markers which are tracked by proprietary (we assume) software, calling the project "Tagged in Motion." A picture says a thousand words, and in this case, a video says about a million -- so hit the clip after the break and see the work in action.

Update: The software in use is not proprietary, rather it's the ARToolKit (or Augmented Reality Toolkit), which is an open source project. Thanks for the info Kenijo!

[Via Fresh Creation]