Tesla Roadster gets reviewed and road-tested

While they didn't put it though quite the same rigorous tests that the feds did, our pals at AutoblogGreen did recently get to spend a fair bit of time being the wheel of Tesla's much-hyped Roadster, and they've now thankfully churned out a fairly thorough review to make us all a little jealous. As you might expect, they readily admit that the car is "not for everyone" (even among those that can afford it), but for those that know what they're getting into, they say you can expect a "hard-edged sports car that fits like a pair of good leather driving gloves." That extends in no small part to the car's Lotus roots, which AutoblogGreen found evident in everything from the car's "cozy" interior to its non-boosted steering system, which they say provides "amazing feedback to the driver." If that's not enough to convince you, you can hit up the link below for the complete review and, of course, plenty of pictures.