Diamond and gold PCs class up the floor under your desk

Most of the questionably-ostentatious gear we see is designed for use on the go -- why else spark out your kit if not to blind your frenemies at the club? -- but at some point even Diddy runs out of handhelds to ice up, which is where Japan's Zeus Computer steps in. The company is offering two different glam desktops for your wallet's delight: an ¥80,000,000 ($747,768) diamond-studded model, or (for cheapskates) a ¥60,000,000 ($560,826) gold version. Both offer a 3GHz E6850 Core 2 Duo on an Asus board with 2GB of RAM, a 256MB GeForce 8400GS, 1TB drive, Blu-ray + HD DVD combo drive, and Vista Ultimate -- but that's not at all what matters here, is it?

[Via F******gaijin, warning: sitename may be NSFW]