RIM's BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway to offer Bluetooth music streaming

The FCC is on a roll this morning. It appears RIM has a Bluetooth music streaming device in the works, the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway, and the device just got the A-OK from the FCC. The unit works pretty much exactly like you'd expect: you just pair your BlackBerry device with the Gateway, plug some speakers into the 3.5mm jack, and you're off to the races. Music is in stereo, and while we're guessing that means A2DP, there's nothing in the user manual that indicates this is compatible with other types of phones. While RIM has been leaning this way for a while, it's still odd to see the company produce something so overtly media-oriented, but we guess we're just old fogies like that. No word on price or a release date.

[Via BlackBerry Cool]