MacBook Air splayed -- multi-touch trackpad controller chip same as iPhone

It's that time of the product cycle again, the teardown. This time, iFixit's applying the Xacto to Apple's MacBook Air. Notable discoveries are an easy to disassemble chassis just big enough for Samsung's 1.8-inch, 80GB disk but not the relatively chubby 160GB variety found in the iPod classic. They also found the new multi-touch trackpad using the same control chip as the iPod touch and iPhone -- the Broadcom BCM5974. That leaves Apple plenty of room to grow the gesture options via software updates. Want to remove the battery? Go ahead, 19 screw removals (in addition to Apple's non-removable feebie) will get the job done. Mmm, silicon and aluminum carnage, smells like... victory. Now hit up that read link IEEE types, where it's high-res all the time.