All the World's a Stage: Class is in session

All the World's a Stage is skipping class (gasp!), and playing with roles every Sunday evening.

Our spells are shiny and bright, well worth using in more than just combat situations! Last time we talked a bit about this idea, as well as how druids, hunters, and mages could use their spells to entertain their friends. Today we turn to the remaining classes: priests, paladins, rogues, shamans, warlocks and warriors.

Each roleplayer would do well to sit down and examine his or her action bar to pick out those spells which can be used outside of combat, and think of whatever opportunities imaginable to make good use of them. Chances are, if you put your mind to it, you can come up with some really creative ideas.

Buffing, for instance: You've got these beautiful abilities that can benefit anyone around you, no matter what class or level they are. If you're going to bless them with such a neat thing, why not say something about it while you do so? You can say, "<Deity Name> guide you, sir!" or, "you look pretty dumb -- have some extra intellect!" or whatever expression sounds right for your character.


Paladins often do a nice thing by buffing anyone who happens to be nearby, but not all paladins are regular "do good deeds and serve the light" paladins. If you're of the evil blood knight persuasion, for instance, then you might have to think of something a little less nice to say, while still committing this senseless act of random kindness -- perhaps: "Here's some stolen Light for ya! Good luck murdering people!"

A regular paladin might actually Consecrate the ground in various places for holiness' sake, while an evil one might use that spell to burn people's feet and giggle while they squirm. A comedic paladin could use the Divine Shield spell to block out all sound whenever someone is getting on her nerves, using emotes to mouthing things like "I can't hear you!" or "Talk to the bubble, because the pally's not listening!"

Extra credit RP points go to whoever thinks of the funniest way to roleplay Divine Intervention outside of combat.


I see many priests casually walking around in Shadowform as if it's some kind of fancy hairdo. Try variations on the norm: What would your character's voice sound like while in Shadowform (distant and ghost-like, perhaps)? In what kind of roleplaying situations might your character shift to Shadowform? When he gets angry or otherwise feels passionate about something? When he holds seances for communing with the dead? Whenever he eats Crunchy Spider Surprise, perhaps (kind of like a meat-eating ghostly Popeye)? The opportunities to use Shadowform for dramatic or comedic roleplaying are only limited by your own imagination.

Healing priests could walk around like true holy men or women, literally radiating divine energy and blessings upon everyone who crosses their path. Use any healing spell to fill others with divine inspiration, and be sure to tell them just how divinely inspired they are now that they've received your blessing.

Likewise, when you (or a druid, shaman, or paladin for that matter) resurrect someone, make it more than just another spell you cast (perhaps using RP Helper 2 or a macro of your own). You're bringing someone back from the dead, after all, so make it count for a miracle, even if it happens every day. Also, don't assume it'll go right every time! Sometimes you might resurrect your friend without his or her clothes, missing an eyeball, or best of all: switched personalities with someone else in your group. Resurrection is a great chance for light-headed priests to set up a chance for other people to have lots of fun, as long as everyone is in the mood.


Stealth is one of the abilities I've seen (or... not seen?) a class use most in roleplaying. It's pretty fun when you're just chatting along with a friend and one of your rogue guildmates says something from some unseen spot, so that you get to look around and see if you can find him there. You probably can't find him, but still, it's fun to know that you're being spied upon -- that's what rogues are supposed to do, after all!

Rogues can use Vanish to escape attention from people too. Is someone begging you for gold? Disappear! Is someone blaming you for everything that went wrong? Disappear! Is someone flirting with you and making you feel shy? Disappear (but /blush first)!


Totems are really neat and good shamans can put them to creative use. One thing that shamans who love to dance can do is maneuver to drop all their totems in the exact same spot so that they make something like a disco light, especially in a dark area, and then show everyone their fancy moves. Another thing I like to do with my shaman character is "accidentally" put my totems on other characters' feet. I apologize of course, and claim that they somehow slipped out of my bag: "I do not know why, but I keep dropping my totems all over the place! They're very slippery, you know." Perhaps, like the mage, your summonable elemental totem has a personality of its own.

Ghost Wolf is another shapeshifting ability many shamans don't take advantage of. Maybe while in doggy form you have an irresistible desire to beg for treats, play fetch, and widdle on mailboxes!


Warlocks have some of the same benefits as both hunters and mages. First of all, a warlock roleplayer should use PetEmote to get as much out of his demon minions as possible. Develop their characters and let them talk too! Is your succubus just a typical lusty minx, or is there more to her than meets the eye? Is your felhunter basically an adorable (yet unfathomably smelly) puppy dog? Is your voidwalker motononous and bored all the time, or does he feel comically depressed about having to use his immense life-sucking power in the service of a mere mortal (something like a demonic Marvin, perhaps)?

You also have a few handy area-effect fire spells, which are great for melodramatic effect. See a cow, bunny or some rats skittering by? Don't just kill them -- send them panicking in fear with Howl of Terror, and use Hellfire to explode fiery death upon them, gloating and cackling maniacally before you accidentally burn yourself to death as well; then use your Soulstone to pop back to life and shrink away, saying, "How embarrassing!"

Also don't forget to use Eye of Kilrogg to try and spy on people, or even just creep them out. You could even summon it when a priest resurrects you, and say, "What the...? You resurrected me without my left eyeball! I demand that you reimburse me with your -- Oh, look, there it is! Quick, someone catch it!" I always say, if you've got a floating eyeball, you should use it!


A warrior's entire system of gameplay revolves around rage, so naturally Warrior special abilities are best suited for expressing anger. Think of different situations in which you might use stance-switching to show how your character is feeling. Is someone accusing you of something? Switch to Defensive Stance! Are you about to totally blow a fuse? Make an angry dwarf appear above your head!

Bloodrage is a good ability to use when you're feeling angry too, with the best anger animation as well, but I recommend saving it for situations when you want to use some quick rage to express yourself. Use it in combination with Thunder Clap to stomp on the ground, punctuate your point, and impress everyone with how fearsome you are!

All these ideas are only a beginning -- mere suggestions to help get that inspiration engine going. How do you give your character some flash and pizzazz in addition to his or her memorable quirks? What neat ways of using spells have you thought of?