AquaScript paints words onto water

Apparently, water is all the rage these days if you want to get a message seen. In Tokyo Bay Monster-fashion (sans holographic video monster), a designer named Julius Popp has created a system of displaying moving text and images using falling drops of water, thus creating a kind of virtual billboard that appears to be hovering in mid-air. The system -- called AquaScript -- works by utilizing magnet-valves which expel single drops of water on demand; proprietary software syncs the valves into a "freely definable bitmap-muster" which produces blocks of images with the falling liquid. Check the video after the break and see the wetworks in action.

According to the flurry of activity in comments, Jeep has been up to these shenanigans for quite some time, though it appears they're using a system designed independently of this one... which kind of makes Mr. Popp's work just slightly less exciting. Thanks guys!