Here come the MacBook Pro mockups: get yours in before it's too late

It was inevitable, Apple's got a bit of a new laptop design direction in the MacBook Air, and nothing's going to stand in the way of the hordes of MacBook Pro Photoshops to follow. This one here is from spicu, and we're afraid it leaves some proportionality "to the imagination," but it's as good we've got so far. Think you can do better? Submit yours to contests at engadget dawt com with "MBP mockup" in the subject and we'll get a little gallery going. Optimists have Apple launching an update in February, and while that rumor might be a tad sketchy at the moment, there's no better time than the present to make a bid for Photoshop greatness. Optometrists think you shouldn't look at the computer screen so much. Oh, and there's nothing up for grabs for the best mockup, only pride.