The case of Alienware's disappearing m15x edge lighting

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Thomas Ricker
February 8th, 2008
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The case of Alienware's disappearing m15x edge lighting

The forum jockeys riding NotebookReview have whipped themselves into a rightful tizzy over their new Area-51 m15x laptops. It seems that the first round of recipients received their swank gaming machines with that programmable edge lighting intact. The rest lost it completely without even a hint from Alienware and certainly without the consent of its paying customers. The situation then turned ugly when at least some owners complained only to be told by Alienware's support that the power button was the 6th promised light zone, not the LCD edge. Now the good news. The light tubes are in there, but for whatever reason, a software patch must be applied to activate them. Crazy, right? The patch is available just beyond that read link.

[Via NotebookReview, thanks Richard H.]
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