Motorola's pathetic MWC showing: Z6w, W161, and W181

Oh my, when you roll into Barcelona for Mobile World Congress you'd best be packing your A-game. Instead, troubled Motorola makes the trans-continental jump with a pair of updates to existing units and a duo of affordable low-enders. The niche DH01n GPS navigator and Mobile TV we already peeped. That leaves the Z6w -- a WiFi version of the Z6m -- and a pair of affordable, low-end handsets dubbed the W181 and W161. The new W-series gear ship in dual-band GSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900 configurations with built-in FM radio, USB 1.1 (yes, 1.1), and 128 x 128 pixel display which brings 65k colors on the W181 or black and white on the W161. Damn Moto, we can feel your embarrassment from here. You too, apparently, since you pulled your MWC teaser video.