MusicStation Max offers unlimited free music downloads to your mobile

After the QTrax debacle, we were a little wary when we started hearing rumbles about a similar service from OmniFone called MusicStation Max that promised, flat-fee, unlimited downloads from all the major labels to your cellphone with no expiration dates -- but color us surprised, it's for real. OmniFone's MusicStation is already a player in the European mobile music game, partnered with giants like Vodafone, and the MusicStation Max launch seems like a natural evolution in the vein of Nokia's Comes With Music program: consumers will buy a pre-licensed MSM phone -- the first will be available from LG in a few months -- and be able to download away for 12 to 18 months, with the ability to sideload back to a computer or to other licensed phones. The exciting part, of course, is that unlike almost every other subscription program on the market your music will still play when the license expires. Add to that the fact that everything from the tracks to playlists to friend recommendations will be backed up on the network in case you lose your device, and we're definitely intrigued -- but we'll wait to see how well all this DRM actually works before we call this thing a winner.