Hands-on with modu: it's real and plenty fantastic

It's alive! Take that naysayers, we were sure -- or at least really hopeful -- that modu was the real deal, and after our visit with them this morning, we can assure everyone it is. The Guinness Book of World Record people have even confirmed it to be the smallest mobile handset in the world, so we stacked three of 'em up next to our favorite N95-3 and they were just a hair bigger -- see the gallery for the goods. The possibilities are endless for branding, as new modu jackets take almost no time to develop and each jacket can even have its own theme that's loaded, translator content, when you pop the modu in. We saw a pile of prototype ideas, including travel guides, a pocket PC version -- this was way cool -- iPod-esque dock with text message display, and a bevy of others. Modu should be hitting retail toward the end of this year, hopefully we'll see a review unit before then. Follow the link for a massive gallery.