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Microsoft said to have dropped $500 million on Danger

While Microsoft was doing little to hide how much it was willing to spend on Yahoo!, the company's been decidedly more coy about exactly how much it dropped to pick up Sidekick-maker Danger earlier this week. The ever-dependable Om Malik now claims to have turned up a figure, however, and while it pales compared to that Yahoo! offer, it's still quite a doozy. According to Om, a "fairly solid source" informed him that Microsoft parted with a full $500 million to bring Danger into its fold, with later-stage investors in Danger the biggest beneficiaries of that payday. What's more, that hefty price also got Om speculating that Microsoft may be about to "pull an Xbox" with its cellphone business, fearing that its current approach would relegate it to the business market -- a pretty safe assumption, if you ask us.