Apple reduces iPod / iPhone build rates, increases iMac production

Although Apple has said that it's still on track to ship 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008, it looks like that rumor about scaled back production may have been true after all: several analysts are now reporting that the company's pulled back iPod touch, iPhone, and MacBook production for Q1. Of course, Apple is known for managing its channel inventory pretty ruthlessly, so it's not known if this is a permanent decrease or just a reaction to what some analysts are calling "overbuilding" in Q4, but there is some good news out there -- strong sales of the iMac have led to a forecasted 35 percent production increase. You know, the last time the economy soured, Steve promised that Apple would "innovate out" of the downturn -- we'd say some new MacBook Pros would be a fine start this time around, eh?

[Via X-bit Labs, thanks Mack]