Nokia ties up with Google for search, Yahoo! dies a little inside

It feels like Nokia and Yahoo! have been all buddy buddy for a while now, and indeed, Yahoo!'s been really good about deploying its wares to Nokia's S60 devices in a timely fashion; in the mobile search game, though, it seems a bit of a faux pas to be without Google on board, doesn't it? The world's number ones in their respective industries have announced that Google search capability will be integrated into Nokia's bundled Nokia Search app on all the upcoming models announced at MWC this week and into other handsets in the future. Nokia's playing it nice and straight by saying that the move is all about "providing choices" to its consumers, but let's be honest, if you were going to have one search provider on your phone, it'd probably have to be Google. Speaking of, is it just a coincidence that "Mountain View" rhymes with "Espoo"?