Panasonic shows off a pair of pro-level HD camcorders

Looks like Panasonic's trying to get a two-month jump on NAB, holding a press conference last night to announce the AG-MHC150 prosumer HD camcorder. The 3CCD MHC150 is based on the popular DVX100 / HVX200 design, but ditches the tapes in favor of capturing AVCHD to SD. Images are captured through a optically stabilized 28mm Leica lens at up to 1080p/60 resolution, with audio coming through the built-in XLR jacks. We probably won't get pricing until this bad bot gets formally introduced at NAB, but Panny says it'll ship in the fall. There's also a new institutional and event AVCHD-to-SD model, the 1080i AG-MHC70, which offers a 12x stabilized Leica zoom lens and 1080i res in a $2,495 shoulder-mounted package, which Panasonic says will hit in April.