Wii 2 and Xbox the Third hitting in 2010?

Those pesky analysts are at it again, and this time it's serious: Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities says we can expect a sequel to the Wii in 2010, to be followed by a new Xbox later that year. Obviously it's something on the minds of all three of the gaming hardware giants -- in fact, Gizmondo probably has 2010 in its sights as well -- but there's really no telling at this point how accurate this rumor is. What we have heard are some conjectures before now that Nintendo has a shorter life cycle in mind for its graphics-impaired Wii. Also, Microsoft obviously made a huge bet this generation on hitting a year before the competition, and has done alright for itself in the process, so Microsoft might be looking for a repeat. There's no rumor yet on Sony's PS4 plans, but while the company has its hands full at the moment with its purported 2008 comeback, we're sure they're keeping this all in mind. Wilson also predicts a new Nintendo DS and PSP in 2010, meaning any way you slice it you're going need a second mortgage.

[Via Joystiq]