Kota the Triceratops makes our childhood toys look like wooden blocks

As if there weren't enough toys out there already to make us grown-ups incredibly envious of kids today, Playskool's now taken the wraps off its new Kota the Triceratops "toy," which looks to be the closest thing to a Pleo that you (or, rather, your kids) can actually ride. While we're guessing Kota's few notches below Pleo on the robo-evolutionary ladder, the 40-inch tall toy at least has movement sensors on nine areas of its body, and is able to react to you by moving its head, tail, mouth, and horns, not to mention play "adventure-themed songs" at the push of a button. Look for it to be available this fall for about $300, with six D cell batteries required to power it.

[Via Popgadget]