RIM and Motorola suing each other for patent infringement

We're not sure Motorola's turnaround strategy should involve picking legal fights with an undisputed market leader, but now that CEO Greg Brown's personally in charge, it looks like the gloves are off -- Moto's just filed a lawsuit claiming that RIM infringed on seven of its patents in various BlackBerry 8000-series devices and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. The move comes as a response to a patent suit filed by RIM on Saturday, which claims that Motorola infringed several of its patents, demanded "exorbitant" royalties for Moto patents covering wireless communications, and refused to pay royalties on RIM patents. We'd say this one will drag on forever and then settle (like a certain other RIM patent case), but with Motorola's fortunes fading fast and no suitors in the wings, this just may prove to be one burden too many.

Disclaimer: Nilay's a lawyer, but he's not your lawyer, and this post isn't meant to be legal advice or analysis.