Toshiba claims "no decision" on HD DVD strategy as desertions continue

Toshiba made a formal announcement today with regard to the state of HD DVD. Unfortunately, it wasn't the white-flag surrender we had hoped would bring a swift end to the format war. In a statement made by a Toshiba spokesman, the firm said, "Toshiba has not made any announcement or decision. We are currently assessing our business strategies, but nothing has been decided at the moment." This came as its stock soared under investor speculation that Toshiba was ready to pre-empt future losses and bring the battle with Blu-ray to a conclusive end. Nevertheless, a multi-format disc pressing plant for indie films by the name of Blue Ray Technologies (BRT) announced the closure of its HD DVD stamping lines. According to BRT's founder Erick Hansen, there's no need to wait for the formal announcement, "HD-DVD is dead, all that is left is the burial." Ouch.

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