HD DVD casualty report: over 1m players, recorders, and drives lost to the format war

At all curious to find out just how rare that HD DVD player of yours really is? Well, we hate to tell you, but it's probably not rare enough to fetch anything special on eBay in a couple of years -- but still every bit rare (read: discontinued) enough to justify taking up space in your home theater. The numbers, according to Nishida-san, at this morning's press conference:

  • Xbox 360 drives (worldwide) - 300k

  • PCs with HD DVD (worldwide) - 300k

Standalone players/recorders:

  • US - 600k units

  • Europe - 100k units

  • Japan - 30,000 units

Add it all up, and that's about a 1.3 million customers -- just a fraction of the 10m+ Blu-ray owners out there -- that got boned on HD DVD. Thanks, Toshiba and Sony!